You can be just a


...Or stop being a wave and become the whole


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How does it work?

The method is based on: 

  • psychology of emotions,

  • emotional intelligence,

  • facial micro expressions analysis,

  • psycho analysis.

But the real power is hidden beyond psychology...

As well as:

  • psychology of childhood,

  • theory of accentuations,

  • cognitive psychology, 

  • gestalt psychology,

  • spiral dynamics.

...where only cultural/social anthropologist can be observant enough.​

Culture is opposite to nature or everything that is created by human. Every process or a thing has its cultural and social frame. Defining this frames gives a great spectrum of people's believes and behaviour.


Once we know the variety of subcultures people are affiliated to we can know not only thier believes but also a deep self identification which helps us to understand how differently people think.


​​Besides it benefited from modern researches in:

  • group psychology 

  • crowd psychology.

P.S. We are also working on data analysis app that would accumulate the whole method. Soon It will be also available.