Creating and motivating online team

How to make your team work effectively online?

Nowadays the question of digitalisation of business becomes more essential than ever. It is obvious to everyone that if you can’t operate online you are not secure you can lose a lot of money or even your entire business.


After the whole world realised this thing another question becomes crucial. How to make your team effective online?

  • We start with optimising business processes for online work;

  • Then we create every member's psychological profile. Describing motivators of behaviour and making prognosis on behaviour in stressful and comfortable working situations.

  • After we create personal maps of development to make employees loyal. It gives them a sense of stability and life direction.

  • After we survey employees to figure out their values.

  • Considering common values we create corporate culture. That would unite likeminded people for the best benefit of the team. This kind of culture is easy to maintain. And it brings only proper mates in the team  and painlessly remove unnecessary and harmful employees.

  • We also implement gamification to make our team even more effective

  • Moreover we create "agile" based strategies of working process;

  • As well we hold facilitation sessions and workshops to improve group dynamics

  • We work with a leader to help navigate and direct this ultimately effective team