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Story about one talented person who was struggling to delegate

Delegation and Team Performance, Is it even connected? You might think delegating is easy. What if, as one great novelist put it, we could only genuinely grasp what they are trying to communicate and speak their language if we spoke the same language as them?

"It took me a lot of time to explain the duties that my team members needed to complete, but I always ended up doing it myself” - says one of my students from E&Y consulting company.

George was always the best in his department. Working with clients smoothly and efficiently, he wanted us to design communication within his team the same way and structure teamwork to get better results in less time. He and his team accomplished all three phases of the Performance Transformation program and got a 50% income increase that year.

But what was the issue you might ask?

For many people, it might be difficult to delegate certain duties and obligations. The largest issue for most people is being able to communicate the knowledge of the outcome in "other people's language" in a way that is consistent with their system of values and cognitive reactions.

Among the possible reasons managers may not delegate as much are as follows:

  • the idea that employees can't perform a task as well as a management

  • the idea that doing the work takes less time than assigning the obligation does

  • lack of confidence in the drive and dedication to quality of personnel.

But what lies behind it is a lack of knowing how to deliver the picture of ultimate outcome in the way other people would understand as well as a lack of trust in colleagues.

What can we do with that?

The best way is to learn to identify systems of values and understand cognitive processes behind every behavior of your teammates. That would give you additional clarity in your business and would open up the curtain of mysterious “human resource”!

That is the reason why during the Performance Transformation program we pay special attention to the system of values evaluation as well as reading people’s behavior through their body language and actions. Besides additional clarity, this skill can bring some more structure to your everyday human communication.


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