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Do you deliver on time?

For the majority of my client's teams, meeting deadlines is one of their toughest concerns.

Putting everyone's efforts together at a specific moment is always so difficult. In particular, if someone's work depends on other team members, we might easily and quickly find ourselves in a situation where one person delays his or her portion of the task for a few days, another person begins working a few days later, and eventually, the entire team misses all of the deadlines. Does it ring a bell?

Oh, please! Even in everyday life, just because someone promises to provide a service by a given date does not guarantee that they will do so. Anyone who has ever built or renovated something would undoubtedly be able to relate to it.

And let's face it, we have all missed deadlines at least once in our lives. It is incredibly embarrassing to admit, yet there was a time when I did it frequently.

Of course, delaying and procrastinating are basic human behaviours. But why do we do this?

Typically, it is our body's instinctive reaction to confusion, stagnation, overwhelm, or frustration. The good news is that we can fix on-time delivery by simply getting rid of those issues for ourselves and our team! But speaking is always easier than acting.

You could considerably increase motivation and fix on-time delivery by implementing the following recommendations:

  • Understand people's emotions and values

Finding the motivation's source and being able to link it to the sensations that individuals are going through at the moment is the most important stage. We have a better understanding of what inspires someone when we take into account their full system of values. On-time delivery is becoming highly efficient when their objectives and values align with those of your group. To evaluate their system of values through verbal clues, body language, and facial expressions, you must be aware of it.

  • Motivate every team member in the most personal way

You can start using personal motivators to encourage someone in a way that is truly particular to them once you are aware of their system of values and emotional response. And one of a sudden you could find that your team is not breaking any deadlines anymore

  • Help everyone to maintain life-work balance

If you want your staff to be loyal and deliver work results on time, you must pay close attention to each individual. Giving them opportunities in this circumstance becomes essential. It is ideal if each team member is aware of their life objectives and has a road map for personal development. People experience less stress, more security, loyalty, and awareness of how their work on your team contributes to their personal development and progress toward their ideal lives. Nevertheless, demonstrating your care for your team goes beyond basic human contact and creates strong rapport relationships that inspire everyone to collaborate and be their best selves. Following this step would bring you much closer to perfect-time delivery.

  • Organize the process

One of the most crucial elements of on-time delivery is the right organization of your process. A good practice could be explained simply. Consider optimizing your work if you find it tough to define it in a few phrases. The best possible communication and teamwork should be utilized. An effective process structure keeps your work processes free of unnecessary commotion. You must understand how to make the most of what you already have and evaluate your needs if you want to be ready. In order to increase efficiency and profit, it might be necessary to improve some of the business procedures your organisation employs. It's a good idea to think about how you can get rid of all the unneeded parts and develop brand-new processes when beginning a new company. Many frameworks within Agile philosophy such as Scrum and Kanban proved their efficiency concerning that matter. It would help your team to keep the deadlines

  • Use team stand-ups in the most efficient way

If you already use some aspects of Agile methodology, then you might benefit from daily stand-ups when you pay more attention to the emotional attitude towards work tasks of your colleagues. There is a higher likelihood that your deadlines will be met when feelings don't get in the way of the outcome.

  • Stay calm using stress relieving methods

The worst discouragement possible is workplace stress. Everyone on the team will probably be stressed if the team leader is. However, the stress level of the entire team also greatly increases when one team member is under stress, which directly causes ineffective teamwork. Deadlines would probably be missed if everyone in the team is under stress. To avoid this you can encourage your colleagues to use stress relieving methods.

Let me know if on-time delivery has become an issue for you or your team below in the comments.


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