Psychological and cultural profiling/behaviour assessment 

Your team is your most valuable asset. “Human resource” is the most valuable as well as mysterious part of the business.

To be a great leaders and successful entrepreneurs we should understand and even sense people’s characters. Character or personality consists of next attitude system:

  • attitude to other people; 

  • attitude to labour and creation process;

  • attitude to himself; 

  • attitude to things.


To understand their personality we have to know as much information about our mates as possible and be able to predict their behaviour in every life situation.

It is better to know: 

  • their core motivators of behaviour, why they do what they do;

  • neuro reactions, that would give you possibility to predict stress and comfort behaviour;

  • their background and relations in the past;

  • what goals they are achieving with the job in your team;

  • their basic line of behavior that would give you the possibility to understand when they are hiding something;

  • be very empathic and understand their emotional state through micro expressions and body language (we provide tools to be sure that our client does it perfectly);

  • and other information.


This information would minimize risks related to human factor behavior and maximise the efficiency of the team itself and online particular.

We provide all of these information and even much more.

You can use this service for your potential employees as well as for existing colleagues.