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Our Client's Results

Over 100 team leaders, enterprise managers and C-level executives came to Performance Transformation program to increase their team's performance, accelerate productivity and profitability of their business.

Senior manager at E&Y legal department


George Tolmachov

George was always the best in his department. Working with clients smoothly and efficiently, he wanted us to design communication within his team the same way and structure teamwork to get better results in less time. He and his team accomplished all three phases of the Performance Transformation program and got 50% income increase that year.

"It took me a lot of time to explain the duties that my team members needed to complete, but I always ended up doing it myself. With the help of Dr. Rosenberg, I figured out how to keep life-work balance and communicate the desired outcome of each work task in a way that enabled my coworkers to provide the greatest results possible". 

CEO of SDG Realty Inc.

Producer of AsiaTV Studios

Regine Borja Guevara 

Regine is in charge of two huge businesses. She was looking for a solution to transform her teams into self-organizing organisms and maximize their performance. We helped her identify the exact problems in communication with each team and implemented our scrum framework to work effectively and enjoy more freedom.

"I met Dr. Stan just two months before we started the training. I was surprised by how well and fast he grasped the dynamics of my teams. We acquired knowledge on how to recognize investor interests, maintain trust with them, and inspire team members to raise income and enhance performance. We did a fantastic job and exceeded our expectations!".


Founder of Lujza & Koriandr

Levente Pajor


Levi expanded his business by buying new property to create a nice premium class guest house. The Performance Transformation program helped him create a team of professionals and align them to one organism to deliver high quality service to his customers.

"My investment in the program started paying off quickly within the first month. Dr. Rosenberg provided the right personalized solution for me and my team. Stan knows people, he understands people and he can help you to understand what is needed to boost the performance of your team as well. I would certainly recommend working with Dr. Rosenberg Group".

Co-founder of Lost Girls Metaverse

Maria Rybak

Maria is a high-level professional with diverse experience in startup foundation. Her team was full of superstars in their field and everyone had their own vision of development. Moreover, they were located in different countries around the world. With our help, Maria united the whole team into one organism that improved performance within the first month of training.

"With Dr. Stan on my side, guiding me to re-think my negotiation approach and time schedule, I mastered my leadership abilities and ensured stable and clear communication with my community. Now I feel more confident empowering females around the globe and scaled up my company revenue almost twice as before".


Founder of Paleo Hunters

Michael Voskresensky


Mr. Voskresensky's company had multiple projects going on simultaneously. He asked for our help to structure their teamwork and make the work process clear and effective. We worked out personalized scrum framework built on their individual characteristics and helped his team implement it within a month so they managed to accomplish all projects without delays.

"Working through the coaching program with Dr. Stan Rosenberg, our team managed to reduce stress levels and eliminate conflict situations. We saved our most burnt-out colleagues and achieved a great improvement in project on-time delivery. It brought us to a 50% performance increase".

NGO Representative to the United Nations

Nomma Zarubina

Ms. Zarubina has great expertise in her industry but she lacked a sense of how to leverage her network to make each project more productive and impactful. We helped her to polish her negotiation skills and trained her on how to approach people depending on their system of values and using their language. 

"I joined the Performance Transformation program to get feedback and guidance on how to expand my business network and achieve better results communicating with different cross-cultural teams worldwide. That was a well-worth investment. I sharpened my communication and leadership skills that allowed me to successfully accomplish very impactful projects and level up my career path".


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