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Understanding people is like SEX

by Dr. Stan Rosenberg

What makes this book special? What makes each of us special? The answer to both questions is in the nature of emotions. Our experience shapes the way we think and behave. This book guides you through the nature of behavior to master the skill of reading people - their emotions and thoughts. It gives you practical knowledge of the art of predicting people’s behavior as well as negotiating the best deals in any situation whether it is a million-dollar contract or helping your colleagues to achieve the best results in the project or getting a discount on the neighborhood market. 


Dr. Stan Rosenberg takes his reader on a journey through many scientific concepts and many years of his personal experience as a top behavior analyst, consulting multiple start-ups, corporations, and UN organizations.


The book is written in an easy and funny way and explains difficult scientific theories and complex behavioral patterns in a comprehensive manner.


If you think implementing behavior analysis in your professional and personal life is a good idea as well as polishing your negotiation skills seems always exciting then this book is a great support to master the most valuable skill in life!

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