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Welcome to
Dr. Rosenberg Group

Dr. Stan Rosenberg - an entrepreneur, scientist, consultant, author and coach.

Over the past 12 years he’s helped hundreds of clients from around the globe to increase their business performance, achieve effective communication with everyone and perfect their negotiation skills.


He trains leaders to master their influence and leadership so they can enjoy more freedom and earn higher income. Dr. Rosenberg helps to design teams that perform as one self-organized organism and achieve more with less time, less stress and keep work-life balance.

He's come though an interesting journey to help others

Over 14 years ago he started to research people's and animal's behavior. You would be surprised how close we are when it comes to emotions but we differ a lot in the way we manage our emotions. 1:0 Animals win.

He got his PhD in international relations and political psychology. Lived around the world and taught as a permanent or guest professor in over 10 universities in Europe and Middle East. Has spoken at international events such as WTO Forum (United Nations World Trade Organisation). Worked at huge enterprises, participated in few law firms and political campaigns. His career path helped him to dive deeper into behavior analysis and research it from different perspective. Dr. Rosenberg has consulted leaders in diverse range of industries, including the UN related organizations and SDG NGO’s, Big four consultant companies like Ernst & Young, enterprises like Tesla, political bodies like the Philippines Vice president’s office. He helped startup founders to get over $1mln investments.

Since 2018 he is a licensed member of the expert community of the legendary Paul Ekman - one of 100 experts worldwide. He helps people recognize their own and other people emotions through accurate assessment of facial micro-expressions and body language. He teaches them how to manage emotions, identify lie and develop empathy.


He is an author of a book “Understanding people is like SEX, but BETTER”. In this book he guides how to negotiate, how to identify people's system of values and find the best strategy to approach each person and get desired results. This method appeared to be extremely useful in business environment as well as in personal and cross-cultural communication. 

Today he runs profitable business and helps other executives and team leaders transform their team's performance, bring clarity and improve effectiveness so they can raise income, enjoy their work and be proud of it.

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Founder of Lujza & Koriander

Levente Pajor

"My investment in the program started paying off quickly within the first month. Dr. Rosenberg provided the right personalized solution for me and my team. Stan knows people, he understands people and he can help you to understand what is needed to boost the performance of your team as well. I would certainly recommend working with Dr. Rosenberg Group".


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